Audition Information

We are accepting new singers for ChoralSounds and SilverSounds. Fill out this form if you would like to schedule an audition. We will follow up with you by email.

ChoralSounds Northwest

  • Open to: ages 17 and up. Ability to read music and previous choral experience is encouraged but not required.
  • Rehearsals: Glendale Lutheran Church in Burien every Tuesday, 7-9:15pm
  • Dues: $250 annually, which covers the cost of music, as well as a portion of general operating expenses
  • Other requirements: One all-day rehearsal on a weekend during the preparation cycle for each concert, and singers are typically required to be at the theater every evening the week before each show opens for technical and dress rehearsals. All-black concert attire and folder is required for performances; these are the singer’s responsibility to obtain.
  • To schedule an audition: Fill out this form, or contact our General Manager, Virginia Wright, at to schedule an audition with Artistic Director, Dr. Ryan Ellis. In the audition, singers are encouraged to sing a short excerpt from any song of their choice, with or without accompaniment. Singers will also be vocalized to hear their range and tone for the best placement within the choir.
  • Still undecided? Click here for answers to ChoralSounds’ most frequently asked questions.

VocalSounds Northwest / Smamblettes

Members of ChoralSounds also have the opportunity to audition with Dr. Ryan Ellis for two smaller ensembles, VocalSounds Northwest (mixed voices) and Smamblettes (women’s group). Upon acceptance, additional rehearsals and dues are required for these small groups.

  • VocalSounds Northwest: Additional dues are $150/year. Rehearsals are Tuesdays at 9:15-9:45pm, immediately after CSN rehearsals at Glendale Lutheran Church. Due to the advanced repertoire of VSN, regular weekend rehearsals and performances may be required.
  • Smamblettes: Additional dues are $50/year. Rehearsals are Tuesdays at 6:30-7pm, immediately before CSN rehearsals at Glendale Lutheran Church.

SilverSounds Northwest

  • Open to: any senior individual who wants to participate in a chorus that enjoys singing many genres from the rock ’n roll era. Ability to read music and previous choral experience is encouraged but not required. Retirement is not a requirement for membership, just the availability to attend early afternoon rehearsals.
  • Rehearsals: Southminster Presbyterian Church in Des Moines every Tuesday, 1-3pm. From October to December, there is an additional rehearsal from 12:30-1pm for members who choose to participate in ChristmasSounds in Burien.
  • Dues: $90 annually, which helps cover the cost of sheet music, rehearsal space and organizational overhead. In addition, each member will be responsible to purchase a uniform performance shirt/blouse.
  • Other requirements: One kick-off retreat/potluck at the beginning of the season to sight-read through the entire season, have a potluck lunch, meet new friends, socialize, sign up for creative volunteer opportunities and then go into sectional rehearsals to practice several songs There are also occasional sectional rehearsals and creative volunteer committee opportunities for members.
  • To schedule an audition: contact Artistic Director, Paula Hawkins, at 206.719.1179 or During the meeting, Paula will get to know your vocal range and solo/harmonizing capabilities. Bring a favorite song to sing.
  • Still undecided? Click here for answers to SilverSounds’ most frequently asked questions.


We ask that every singer pay whatever they can afford in dues, but we never want anyone excluded due to the cost of membership. For that reason, we offer full and partial scholarships for those who may need it. For more information, contact our General Manager, Virginia Wright, at She will handle this request confidentially.

Additionally, when filling out your dues payment form, those who are able and want to help ensure that every voice is heard have the option of contributing toward the scholarship fund.