About Northwest Associated Arts

Photo credit: Terry Jo Lewis

Northwest Associated Arts is a non-profit family of choirs that has been providing the greater Seattle area with choral performances that enliven, enrich, entertain and educate members and audiences alike since 1984. Based proudly in Burien, the age of our members extends well beyond retirement. Our shows aim to provide members a place to showcase their unique talents and passion for the performing arts while fostering a bond of community through music.

From our Executive Team

Amber Early

NWAA Board President, Amber Earley

I am so honored to have been elected as Northwest Associated Arts’ board president for my first full term this year. I joined this organization in 2014 to fill up some free time and get back into singing after a 20-year hiatus. I didn’t exactly know what to expect, but I was so moved by the warmth and kindness of the members and directors who welcomed me. I never anticipated that this community of singers would be like a family who celebrate each other’s triumphs and mourn each other’s losses.

We’re so fortunate that our members recognize and celebrate our mission: to provide performances that enliven, enrich, entertain, and educate members and audiences alike while appealing to a variety of musical & artistic tastes. Members are energized by an environment that fosters bonds of community, serving and respecting people of all ages, cultures, and ethnic groups.

It’s this strong community bond that sustains this organization and brings singers back season after season. Our world right now is a complicated one with pandemics, wars, economic troubles, and general malaise. But singing with this organization provides a balm for those anxieties. Making music together strengthens the bond that we have as humans, smoothing over our many differences. I hope that our love of singing and love for each other is reflected in the music that we perform for you and that it soothes some of your troubles too.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who supports NWAA’s mission. Specifically, thank you to 4Culture, The City of Burien, the Tagney-Jones Foundation, and KPFF Consulting Engineers for the grants they provide. I would also like to thank all our sponsors, our advertisers, businesses, and individuals for all they give, either in monetary donations, time, or goods and services. It is because of their ongoing generous gifts, donations, and support that we are able to continue providing services and opportunities for our singers and our community year after year.

Amber Earley
Board President

Our Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Northwest Associated Arts provides performances that enliven, enrich, entertain and educate members and audiences alike while appealing to a variety of  musical & artistic tastes. Members are energized by an environment that fosters bonds of community, serving and respecting people of all ages, cultures and ethnic groups.

Vision Statement

NWAA offers both musical education as well as performance opportunities for a broad range of artists, from grade three through adulthood. We believe that the discipline, camaraderie and pride instilled through the arts are valuable for people at any stage of their lives. We know that offering choral and other experiences and education to singers of all skill levels creates a fertile environment for personal growth and for professional level performances, while fostering a healthy community among our membership and audience.

It is the policy and practice of Northwest Associated Arts and its performance organizations to offer equal opportunity for employment, membership, and participation in all activities and services consistent with its purposes, without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age or disability. 

Free Youth Ticket Program

Because we are committed to building a lifetime love for choral music among the youth of our community, we are pleased to offer a FREE ticket to all of our mainstage concerts to anyone 17 & under, when accompanied by a paid adult. Click here for more information.