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Northwest Associated Arts is a non-profit family of choirs that has been providing the greater Seattle area with choral performances that enliven, enrich, entertain and educate members and audiences alike since 1984. Based proudly in Burien, the ages of our members extend from grade 4 to well beyond retirement. Our shows aim to provide members a place to showcase their unique talents and passion for the performing arts while fostering a bond of community through music.

From our Executive Team

NWAA Board Vice President, Ashley Griffith

Dear Friends,

As Northwest Associated Arts begins rehearsing for its new 2020-21 season (you read that right!), I sent this letter out to all of our singers, and I want to share it with you.

I have a vivid memory from ChristmasSOUNDS last year. It was at the end of the first act, and everyone from NWAA was either on stage or standing in the aisles next to the audience. The house lights were raised just a bit; just enough so the audience could read the lyrics in their programs. From where I stood along the wall in the house, I could see the whole room. I could hear the beautiful voices of my fellow CSN members belting the words to White Christmas. I could see the smiles on the faces of the YSN kiddos as they looked out at the audience and found their parents smiling back. I could feel the passion for singing reverberating off the sequins of the SSN members’ outfits. I could feel the audience settle in as they sang aloud a melody that feels warm and comforting.

Pure joy. That’s what I remember thinking. This is pure joy. All these people – some I know very well, some I see occasionally, and some I’ve never met – are joining in the same room, singing the same melody, experiencing this moment in time together. And that is a joyful experience.

Opportunities for that same joyful experience are not available to us right now. We have had to find other ways to connect with our communities and it has not been easy. I see pervasive stress, anxiety, and loneliness infecting our emotions and disrupting our daily lives. Communal singing is usually the antidote to these tiresome feelings, and, without our musical community, we are struggling.

This season, NWAA wants to help fill that void. It’s going to look a little different, but the goal is for the feeling of community to stay the same.

Your NWAA Board has established a Care Committee. Led by CSN Alto, Alicia Eyler, this group is committed to engaging our members in meaningful and impacting ways. This committee will take action to ensure individuals have an opportunity to connect with others on a deeper level. Perhaps we can replace some of the weekly touch-points we had previously. If you know of someone in our group who is especially struggling with the void that communal singing once filled or you would like to be a part of the solution, please reach out to Alicia.

One element that is difficult to replicate in this season of solitude is just simply having fun. Yes, we watch humorous YouTube videos and follow funny people on social media, but laughing at something is not the same as laughing with someone. This is something I have personally struggled with. I miss the fun of an inside joke or the lightness of seeing a friend across the room and winking at them. Just plain fun.

The Fun Committee is seeking to replace those moments. Just fun for the sake of fun! Join Jenny Mason as she leads a team of folks who will plan a few virtual happy hours. If you would like to host or co-host one of these virtual sessions, reach out to Jenny for more information. You do not have to be tech savvy! We’ll help with that. Just bring your upbeat personality and fun spirit.

NWAA is fortunate to have three incredible Artistic Directors. These talented and wonderful people are weathering this unusual season alongside us as friends, fellow musicians, and leaders of our community. We are looking to them to help us keep up our skills and further our knowledge even if we are not meeting in person. Each director will be announcing their virtual singing schedule and goals for their respective choirs. Look for more information sent directly from them. In the meantime, brush off your vocal cords and begin to recall some of the warm-ups we’ve worked on in the past. Hum a few bars of your favorite song we did recently. Get your piano tuned. Do whatever you need to do to get prepared to start singing together again.

Your NWAA Board is growing and evolving! We have added a few new members for this season, and we are excited to introduce you to them. These include Nell-Garwood Unger and CSN Alto, Amber Earley.

Additionally, Kate Losleben has accepted the role of President for a one-year term. Her extensive experience and tremendous leadership are welcome during an unprecedented season. Kate will train this year’s Vice President before handing-over the reins at the end of this year. NWAA is lucky to have such a talented person among our ranks. Kate has been instrumental in ensuring our non-profit arts organization is financially stable and able to provide musical resources to our members and the community-at-large.

I have accepted the role of Vice President and will be the one who learns everything she can from Kate. And, boy, do I have a lot to learn. I have big shoes to fill. Singing with CSN and being a part of NWAA brings me such joy. I look forward to seeing you on my computer screen in our virtual sessions. I look forward to one day hugging you again and seeing your smiling face. I look forward to winking at you across the room as my form of saying “hi!” and creating lasting memories as we once again sing together in person.

It is also important that we thank all those that support NWAA and our efforts. Thank you to 4Culture, The City of Burien, the Tagney-Jones Foundation, and KPFF Consulting Engineers for the grants they provide. I would also like to thank all our sponsors, our advertisers, businesses, and individuals for all they give in support. It is because of their ongoing generous gifts, donations, and support that we are able to continue providing services and opportunities for our singers year after year.

Much love,
Ashley Griffith
NWAA Board Vice President

Our Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

Northwest Associated Arts provides performances that enliven, enrich, entertain and educate members and audiences alike while appealing to a variety of  musical & artistic tastes. Members are energized by an environment that fosters bonds of community, serving and respecting people of all ages, cultures and ethnic groups.

Vision Statement

NWAA offers both musical education as well as performance opportunities for a broad range of artists, from grade three through adulthood. We believe that the discipline, camaraderie and pride instilled through the arts are valuable for people at any stage of their lives. We know that offering choral and other experiences and education to singers of all skill levels creates a fertile environment for personal growth and for professional level performances, while fostering a healthy community among our membership and audience.

It is the policy and practice of Northwest Associated Arts and its performance organizations to offer equal opportunity for employment, membership, and participation in all activities and services consistent with its purposes, without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age or disability. 

Free Youth Ticket Program

Because we are committed to building a lifetime love for choral music among the youth of our community, we are pleased to offer a FREE ticket to all of our mainstage concerts to anyone 17 & under, when accompanied by a paid adult. Click here for more information.

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