Northwest Associated Arts is a Burien-based family of community choirs that span ages 9 to 90. Through music, we provide performances that enliven, enrich, entertain and educate members and audiences alike, fostering a bond of community in and around the greater Seattle area.

Our Family of Choruses

ChoralSounds Northwest

Our adult choir, ages 17 and up,
combining musicianship
with the fun of performance

SilverSounds Northwest

Our senior choir of mostly-retired individuals who believe you’re never too old to rock and roll!

YouthSounds Northwest

Our youth choir
in which singers grades 4-12
can showcase their love of music

Upcoming Events

Cabaret & Silent Auction

Your Mixtape

February 8, 2020

SilverSounds Northwest

I Love Rock & Roll!

April 4 & 5, 2020

YouthSounds Northwest

Concerts & Tickets